Walt Disney World

Tokyo Dining


Located in Epcot at Walt Disney World

Direct phone number: 407-827-8520*

*Please DO NOT use the direct phone number above for reservations.  All restaurant reservations

should be made through Disney Dining at (407) 939-3463. Only use this number if you have health

issues and you wish to talk to the restaurant directly to discuss your needs.

Updated 11/21/07

**All menus on this site are not guaranteed in any way to be current and they are subject to change at any time


This restaurant is newly remodeled and just opened. 


Type of Food:  Japanese

Location:          The Japan Pavilion, Epcot World Showcase

Serving:            Lunch, Dinner

Reservations:  Suggested

Hours:               Noon to 9 p.m.

Disney Dining:  No - Disney's Dining Experience not accepted here.


Special Health Requests:  Tell you server about any food allergies you may have and the restaurant will try to work around them.  Guests are allowed to make substitutions for different ingredients in their food.  Some foods have MSG in them.  We've been told that because the MSG is in some of the sauces, certain dishes can't be made without it.  They can tell you what has MSG and what doesn't. 




Edamame Soy beans $4.50


Shrimp Cocktail With wasabi cocktail sauce $6.50


Vegetable Croquette Potato and vegetable croquette with tonkamu sauce $4.50


Assorted Tempura Tempura shrimp, chicken breast and seasoned vegetables with a Japanese dipping sauce $6.50



Miso Soup $3


Japanese Clear Soup Fish-based soup $3



Dressing choices: ginger, creamy sesame or oriental


Garden Salad $4.50


Tofu Salad $5.50


Seaweed Salad $5.50



Ebi Shrimp $20


Hotate Cold water scallops $20


Tori Chicken breast $17


Yasai Seasonal vegetables $14.50


Roppongi Shrimp and scallops $20


Shibuya Shrimp and chicken $18.50


Ebisu Chicken and scallops $18.50


Chef Feature

Includes steamed rice


Ginza Gozan Assorted tempura and sushi combo $23.50


Shinjuku Gozen $27.50


Bento Box Assortment of traditional foods and flavors $23.50



Includes season vegetables and steamed rice


Japanese Cutlet-Style new york Strip $25


Japanese Cutlet-Style Chicken breast $18


Breaded Seafood Combination $21



Includes seasonal vegetables and steamed rice


Grilled New york Strip Steak $24


Grilled Breast of Chicken $17


Grilled Salmon $20



Tuna nigri $5.50


California Roll $7.50


Salmon Maki $6


Kazari $7.50


Sushi Deluxe $23.95


Tokyo dining Kids Menus


Okosama Set Includes vegetables, steamed rice and dessert


Tempura Combo Tempura shrimp and chicken $9.50


Teriyaki Chicken $9.50


Vegetable Croquette $9.50



Soft-Served Ice Cream $4


Green Tea Pudding $5.50


Fruit Tart $5.50


Chocolate Ginger Cake $5.50



 **All menus on this site are not guaranteed in any way to be current and they are subject to change at any time.

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