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The Fountain at The Dolphin


Located in the Dolphin Resort

Direct phone number:  (407) 934-4000* (Request The Fountain)

*Please DO NOT use the direct phone number above for reservations.  All restaurant reservations

should be made through Disney Dining at (407) 939-3463. Only use this number if you have health

issues and you wish to talk to the restaurant directly to discuss your needs.  

Updated 12/27/07

**All menus on this site are not guaranteed in any way to be current and they are subject to change at any time.


Type of Food:   American

Location:           Dolphin Resort

Serving:            Lunch, Dinner

Reservations:  Not available

Hours:               Lunch & Dinner: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Disney Dining: No - not included in the Disney Dining Experience


Special Health Requests:  The chefs will talk to you about your special dietary needs and will recommend which foods will fit best within your guidelines at this over-the-counter restaurant. The chefs can also prepare foods that are not on the menu for you. This restaurant also carries gluten-free and sugar-free options. You can view the ingredients of all the foods. It is recommended that you call ahead of time, so that they can have items on-hand just for you.


The Fountain at The Dolphin

Lunch / Dinner Menu




Golden Fries $3.95; add melted cheese or chili $1


Onion Rings With remoulade sauce $3.95


Tortilla Chips & Salsa $3.50




Roasted Tomato With herb croutons; cup $3; Bowl $4.50


Chicken Noodle Soup Cup $3; Bowl $4.50


Chili & Cheese Cup $3.50; Bowl $5.00


Fladen Breads


Served with a salad, or replace with soup or chili for $1.50


Albacore Tuna & Cheddar Melt $12.95




Cuban-style Roasted Pork, Ham & Swiss Cheese $13.95




Chicken Caesar Salad Romaine lettuce topped with seared chicken, parmesan cheese and herb croutons, tossed with Caesar dressing $11.95


Buffalo Chicken Salad Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and cucumbers, tossed with ranch dressing and topped with buffalo chicken $12.75


Marinated Tuna Salad Served over romaine lettuce, topped with tomatoes and cucumbers, tossed with herb vinaigrette $12.25


Fountain Classics

Served with potato chips or replace with French fries for $1.95


Seared Chicken Sandwich Served with scallion aioli $11.50


Classic BLT Choice of white or whole wheat bread $7.75


Build Your Favorite Hot Dog Choice of chili, melted cheddar cheese, diced onions or sauerkraut $6.50


Build Your Favorite Burger Choice of American, Swiss or cheddar cheese; chili, bacon, sautéed onions or mushrooms $10.95


Fountain Specialties

Sandwiches served on a brioche bun with potato chips and a pickle


Ahi Tuna Burger Medium rare, topped with spicy Asian slaw $13.95


Turkey Burger Topped with apple horseradish cream $9.95


Vegetarian Sloppy Joe $8.95


The Fountain at The Dolphin


Served with potato chips, strawberries and a drink








HOT DOG $7.50




SPAGHETTI With meat sauce $7.50








SINGLE SCOOP ICE CREAM Cake or sugar $2.95; waffle cone $3.75


DOUBLE SCOOP ICE CREAM Cake or sugar $3.95; waffle $4.50


SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM Small $2.50; waffle $3; large $3.50; large waffle $3.95


SOFT SERVE SPLIT Vanilla, chocolate and vanilla/chocolate twist, topped with pineapple, hot fudge and strawberry sauces, whipped cream, peanuts and a cherry and a banana $7.95


CREATE-YOUR-OWN SUNDAE $5.50; add a scoop or swirl $1; add a sauce or topping .75 cent each.


BLASTIN’ BROWNIE SUNDAE Fudge brownie with or without nuts, topped with a swirl of vanilla soft serve, hot fudge, whipped cream, walnuts and a cherry $7.25


CARAMEL APPLE SUNDAE Slice of our bakery made apple pie, topped with vanilla soft-serve, caramel sauce, whipped cream and a cherry $7.25


FOUNTAIN FUNNEL Seven flavors of ice cream, three sauces and three toppings




Shakes & Malts Your choice of our ice cream or yogurt flavors, topped with whipped cream and a cherry $5.95; make it a malt $.50; add a topping $.75


Fountain Floats & Sodas A generous swirl of vanilla soft-serve ice cream, topped with your choice of one of our flavored sodas $5.95


Nutty Chocolate Covered Banana Shake Banana walnut ice cream and chocolate sauce blended together, topped with whipped cream and walnuts and drizzled with chocolate sauce $5.95


PB & J Shake Peanut butter ice cream blended with strawberry topping, topped with whipped cream and Reese's Pieces $5.95


Chocolate Raspberry Torte Shake Chocolate soft-serve ice cream, chocolate cake pieces and raspberry sauce blended together, topped with whipped cream, chocolate cake pieces and drizzled with chocolate sauce $5.95


Top Your Own Cheesecake Shake Cheesecake ice cream blended with milk, select your favorite sauce, topped with whipped cream and a cherry $5.95


Coco Loco Shake Chocolate and caramel cappuccino ice creams blended together, topped with whipped cream, malted milk balls and drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauces $5.95


Rainbow Fizz Rainbow sherbet blended with a "secret ingredient" to make this cool treat, topped with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles $6.25


Peppermint Shake Vanilla soft-serve ice cream blended with peppermint patty cookies and milk, topped with whipped cream, a drizzle of chocolate sauce and a peppermint patty cookie $6.25


The Sunshine Smoothie Vanilla yogurt blended with fresh bananas and orange juice $6.25


 **All menus on this site are not guaranteed in any way to be current and they are subject to change at any time.

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