Walt Disney World

Sunshine Seasons


Located in Epcot at Walt Disney World

Direct phone number: 407-560-5720*

*Please DO NOT use the direct phone number above for reservations.  All restaurant reservations

should be made through Disney Dining at (407) 939-3463. Only use this number if you have health

issues and you wish to talk to the restaurant directly to discuss your needs.  

Updated 12/09/07

**All menus on this site are not guaranteed in any way to be current and they are subject to change at any time


Found in the Land Pavilion on the lower level, this is a food court style restaurant with a wide variety of foods.


Type of Food:  Varied, over the counter

Location:          Epcot Future World

Serving:            Lunch, Dinner

Reservations:  Not available

Hours:               11 a.m. to varies with park hours

Disney Dining:  No - Disney's Dining Experience not accepted here.


Special Health Requests:  At this lunch counter-style restaurant, you can speak directly with the chefs and tell them exactly how you want your food seasoned and which types of ingredients you need to avoid. The chefs will cook whatever fits into your dietary needs for you. This restaurant also carries gluten-free bread, no-sugar added desserts, dairy-free ice cream and does not use peanuts or peanut oil in its Asian dishes. The chefs recommend that you call a week before your visit to speak to them about your dietary requests.


Sunshine Seasons



Rotisserie Half Chicken With choice of two side items $9.49

Grilled Salmon With Kalamata olive pesto and choice of two sides $9.49

Rotisserie PORK CHOP With choice of two side items $9.49


KIDS’ PICKS Chicken leg with mashed potatoes and drink. For children under age 9. $4.49



Roasted Beets and Goat Cheese Salad With cilantro lime dressing $7.09

Seared Tuna on Mixed Greens With sesame rice wine dressing $8.39

Caesar Salad With oak-fired chicken $8.19

Bowl of Soup Changes daily $3.99


KIDS’ PICKS Macaroni & cheese with drink. For children under age 9. $4.49




Chicken, Chile & Garlic Noodle Bowl $7.19

Two Entree Items With two sides $9.99


KIDS’ PICKS Sweet & sour chicken with drink. For children under age 9. $4.49




Turkey & Muenster Cheese On foccacia with chipotle mayonnaise $6.99



KIDS’ PICKS Mini-sub with drink. For children under the age of 9. $4.49







 **All menus on this site are not guaranteed in any way to be current and they are subject to change at any time.

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