Walt Disney World

Studio Catering Co.


Located in the Hollywood Studios

Direct phone number:  None available - please email it to us if you have it!

Disney Dining number is 407-939-3463


Updated 11/25/07

**All menus on this site are not guaranteed in any way to be current and they are subject to change at any time.


Type of Food:   Greek over the counter quick food

Location:           Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios)

Serving:            Lunch & Dinner

Reservations:   Not available

Hours:                Lunch & Dinner: 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Disney Dining:  No - Disney's Dining Experience not accepted here.


Special Health Requests:  This over-the-counter restaurant serves gluten-free and dairy-free hot dog buns. You can also avoid allergens by requesting to look at the restaurant’s book of ingredients, which details any possible allergens on the menu. Ask to speak to the manager, who can also help you decide what foods will fit within your dietary needs.


Studio Catering Co. Menu


Barbecued Pulled Pork Sub With apple slices or chips $7.59


Grilled Chicken With rice and black beans $6.69


Chili Hot Dog With apple slices or chips $6.79


Chicken Caesar Wrap $6.69


Greek Salad With olive and feta cheese vinaigrette $5.99


Marble Cheesecake $3.59


Chocolate Fudge Cake $3.59




Kids' Picks

For children ages 9 and under

All meals include choice of two side items: grapes, carrot sticks, or applesauce


Chicken Drumstick $4.49


Peanut Butter & Jelly $4.49


Macaroni & Cheese $4.49



 **All menus on this site are not guaranteed in any way to be current and they are subject to change at any time.

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