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We recently had the opportunity to try out a scooter rental from Scootaround. We have noticed that this company has a good reputation in Orlando with Disney visitors. When we were planning a trip to Las Vegas we learned that Scootaround also serviced that area. We decided to use them there, and it was a good call! Since we understand that the same service we received in Vegas is what you'll receive in Orlando, we decided to tell you about our experience.


In addition to our Vegas experience that we'll tell you about, we test drove one of Scootaround's scooters in Orlando recently at a SATH conference (Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality). It was held at Disney's Contemporary Resort. Scootaround had brought in several of their scooters for attendees to try. They were extremely comfortable, fast, and easy to use. They were quite impressive with a sleek design, great speed, stability and maneuverability.


When we booked our scooter for Vegas, we loved that Scootaround gave us several options. We were able to choose the type of scooter that would best fit our needs. First we had the option of requesting a 3 or 4 wheel scooter. The 4 wheels can add stability, but we chose three wheels because they have a better turn radius which makes it easier to navigate in tight spaces. 


We also had the option of having a larger scooter or a smaller Pride Go-Go Elite scooter. The Go-Go Elites can be easily taken apart and for transport. We recently purchased one of these to use at Disney, and we can take it apart and have it in the car in under two minutes. The heaviest piece is just over 40 pounds on our scooter. However in Vegas we were going long distances and over terrain that we were unfamiliar with. We felt we should pass on the smaller Go-Go and choose a larger scooter for greater comfort, distance and stability.  


The scooter was delivered in advance to our hotel, and was there waiting for us when we arrived. We understand that scootaround has other types of scooters as well, but ours was a Pride Celebrity X three wheel. The scooter was in excellent condition, was comfortable, and had the battery power for long distances. We discovered that this was very necessary in Vegas, and it would also be great for the Disney parks. We had no problem riding miles on the strip as well as visiting inside the mega-resorts. We still had plenty of charge left over at the end of each night. The tiller was very easy to reach, handle and adjust.


The scooter was very powerful and fast! To tell you the truth it was fun to dart around when there weren’t people around! It was comfortably able to take hills, and to quickly pick up speed when necessary. There was a lot of work being done on the sidewalks on the Vegas strip, and we went over some rough and uneven ground. The scooter was very stable and well able to handle the challenges. The scooter was a good size that made it comfortable and very stable going over rough and uneven ground, yet the turn radius was excellent. It was easy to adjust, and easy to use.  At the end of our vacation, we just left the scooter with the hotel's Bell Services for Scootaround to pick up.


We had an excellent experience with Scootaround, and we’d definitely use them again! Everything went smoothly and we were really happy with the scooter. As I mentioned, we recently purchased our own scooter for use at Disney, but if we ever need to rent again, we would be comfortable using Scootaround.


Here's the Scootaround scooter rental site:



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