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Walt Disney World® with Disabilities

Reviewing the Walt Disney World with Disabilities guidebook

Go to any bookstore and you will find volumes upon volumes of travel guides dedicated to Walt Disney World. There are many guides that appeal to specialized travelers, as well, such as those travelers with young children, or those looking for romantic trips, or guests who are a part of the gay community. Now there is a new book called Walt Disney World with Disabilities by Stephen Ashley and published Bull Media Innoventions. It does a commendable job at making a trip to Walt Disney World “comfortable, fun and safe” for people with disabilities.

And the book covers a wide range of disabilities too. Many would think that this book is for those guests in wheelchairs, who require disalysis, or who depend on oxygen tanks. While those topics are covered in great detail, that is merely the tip of the iceberg. Do you have food allergies? The book covers it. How about a heart condition? The information you need is there. Epilepsy, high blood pressure, hearing impairments, hyperactivity, back pain- its all covered. Even afflictions such as motion sickness or various phobias are addressed to help ensure you have a quality trip.

The first portion of the book covers in the entire resort in its basics such as the transportation system, dining, extra magic hours, ticket purchasing etc. The book also directs you to helpful websites such as touringplans.com and allearsnet.com not mention the author’s own, excellent site, www.diz-abled.com. (Somehow I missed the Mouse Extra citation, but I’m sure its there somewhere). This is also the first guidebook I have ever seen that recommends getting to the park at 10AM or even 11AM to avoid the difficult-to-navigate bottlenecks that a park’s opening creates.

The book also covers each park in great detail. Each ride is described in a way to assist people with any sort of potential problem with an attraction down to certain smells encountered. I would recommend this book to people bringing small kids just for this attention to detail. Toddlers and preschoolers often require a little advanced warning on scares, loud noises and the like and this book gives you what you need. The wealth of information is terrific here. For example, who would even think twice about the show Voyage of the Little Mermaid at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. However, the entry in this book provides cautions on fear of the dark, loud noises, lightning simulations, flashing and twinkling lights, and a steam effect. You also warned about a rain effect and bubbles. By the way, Disney Hollywood Studios is apparently the most comfortable park for those guests with disabilities while the Animal Kingdom is the worst thanks to the heat and narrow paths.

Dining is also very effectively covered. Again, the attention to detail is tremendous. For example, the author notes that at the ABC Commissary there is a wheelchair accessible register all the way to the left. Every eatery from major draws like Boma and Le Cellier to the smallest snack shop are described.

...This book is truly a marvel and an absolute must for anyone planning or thinking about planning a trip to WDW with any type of disability. I would also recommend this book to those guests with small kids who would like to warn their children of potentially disconcerting or frightening aspects of rides. I would recommend this book to anyone going for the first time and who would like specific details on rides and dining options. In fact, I would recommend this book to anyone. period.

Today’s merchandise review is from Mike, contributing writer to Mouse Extra


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