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About the Walt Disney World with Disabilities Guidebook

How does the guidebook support those with Special Needs?


How do you get your needs met

at Walt Disney World?


Disney World is like a little country of it's own with it's own culture, customs, transportation, police, etc. There's a lot to know. Disney World offers a lot of support, but most people don't know what there is or how to access it.  Our guidebook, Walt Disney World« with Disabilities is designed to show you show you everything you need to know to get your needs met within the Disney system. 


It's challenging enough to deal with special needs and disabilities in your home environment.  We understand the challenges of travel. We did things the hard way for many years during our vacations, and we missed out on a lot of the support that Disney offers. We wrote the book, Walt Disney World with Disabilities so that you can have the advantage of what others already know. We want to equip you to thrive at Disney World, and prepare you to have your special needs easily met!


Go to our web pages on the Parks With Disabilities and Resorts With Disabilities.  You'll see that there's a ton of info in this book that can really make your vacation so much better! 


In addition, here's some important topics in the book:


bullet Transportation
bullet Florida Weather
bullet Local Hospitals
bullet Special Diets
bullet Diabetics Info
bullet Using a Wheelchair at Disney World
bullet Allergies & Chemical Sensitivities at Disney
bullet Renting a Scooter or wheelchair From Disney vs. an Outside Company
bullet Oxygen Use
bullet Crowd Size
bullet Accessible Van Rentals
bullet Disney Dining -  choosing restaurants & getting your special needs met
bullet Website Listings & Important Phone Numbers
bullet Bringing, Using & Storing medical Equipment & Medication
bullet Smoking
bullet Service Animals
To see what the book offers you, please view the details of the Walt Disney World with Disabilities guide book here:
What the book covers - Read detailed info on what's in the guide book
Rides & Attractions - Samples of ride descriptions you'll find in the book
Table of Contents - For the guide book
Parks - What's covered about each park in the book 
Resorts - See what's covered regarding the Disney World resorts
Special Needs - What's covered in the book on dealing with special needs
Reader Reviews - What people say about Walt Disney World with Disabilities







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For further information on what the guide book covers:



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