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Book Updates

Please note that the changes below do not represent everything changing at Disney, but they are the changes that we feel are most relevant to our readers. Please contact Walt Disney World for updates before you go, or check their site at www.DisneyWorld.com. If you are aware of something that should be included here, we would appreciate if you would email us at info@diz-abled.com  Thanks!


For the book Walt Disney World with Disabilities

(2007-2008 Release on August 22, 2008)


6/2/2010 The Living With The Land section has been updated and expanded.
3/5/2010 The 911 section on has been changed. You can see it on our website here: 911 & Emergencies
9/14/08 Animal Kingdom attraction closing: The "Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends" show will be closing September 27, 2007.


Book Updates

For the book Walt Disney World with Disabilities (initial release version)

(First edition, first printing)


Buses: According to Disney transportation, although Disney World buses can take 2 non-folding wheelchairs or ECV's, there's actually one single bus that takes 4.  It can be called in for your use by a cast member.  It is in general use and can be anywhere at any time, so we're told it can take 1 -  1 1/2 hours to get it delivered to you. 

All resorts have bus service to all parks except the Grand Floridian, Polynesian and Contemporary resorts. To get to the Magic Kingdom from these resorts you must take the monorail or boat.  The boats do not accommodate wheelchairs. If it's not too busy at the time, a boat driver can call for a wheelchair accessible boat to be brought in from a different area. This could take quite a while though.

2/19/08 Monorail cars: According to Disney transportation, they are in the process of retrofitting the monorail cars.  Many of the cars now have vertical grab bars rather than the horizontal grab bars that ran down the center of the car.  If you plan to stay in you're wheelchair it may be a bit more challenging to access a grab bar to steady yourself.

There is a third loop called the Express that goes between Magic Kingdom and the Transportation and Ticket center.

2/19/08 FASTPASS: Soarin at Epcot does have FASTPASS. Haunted Mansion does have FASTPASS, but according to Disney it is not always made available to guests.  It may depend upon crowd conditions.

Most FASTPASS tickets don't allow you to get another one until the time period when your FASTPASS may be used begins. However there may be exceptions.  Look at your ticket to see the time when you will be allowed to get another FASTPASS. Although we've had our FASTPASS tickets cancelled a couple times so we could get a different FASTPASS, this is handled at the discretion of the cast member. The official policy is no cancellations, but it doesn't hurt to ask!  We've had good luck with this. 

4/24/08 Mission Space: We've been told today that although Mission: Space has a non-spinning version of the ride, there may actually be some spinning.  It's said to be approximately 25% of the spinning version and not detectible to most people.  We spoke to several Disney representatives who say the version is completely non-spinning, but we've also heard from some inside folks who say that there is some mild spinning. At this point we just don't know for certain, so we advise caution if you have any issues that spinning may impact.
4/24/08 Park Facts with Disabilities: There's been a number of changes and updates for the Park Facts with Disability info for the four parks. This includes the lists detailing which attractions allow wheelchairs and ECVs, which only allow manual wheelchairs, which attractions can't accommodate wheelchairs or ECVs and which ones require guests to walk. Click here to see the revised lists. 
5/01/08 Audio Tapes for the visually impaired: These are no longer available but have been replaced by the Handheld Captioning device.  In addition to support for the hearing impaired, this device will give audio descriptions of the park attractions. Disney used to have audiotape guides but these are no longer available and these units have replaced them.
6/10/08 Calling 911 inside Disney - If you do have a seizure or an emergency that requires a call to 911, have someone in your party alert a cast member.  They can call the Disney World Emergency Medical Service.  Disney EMTs can reach you much quicker than outside EMTs can.  Calling 911 on a cell phone while you're on Disney property will mean a much longer wait for help. 
6/17/08 GAC - Guest Assistance Cards. We've added some new information and you can see it by clicking here.
Visual Impairment information: In addition to support for the hearing impaired, the new Handheld Captioning device will give audio descriptions of the park attractions. Disney used to have audiotape guides for the visually impaired, but they are no longer available and these units have replaced them.
6/18/08 Boat Transportation - We've added more detailed information including the various boat routes for the parks and resorts, and the accessibility of the boats on each route. You can read about it by clicking here.

Animal Kingdom service animal rest stops:

  • Near Restaurantosaurus backstage behind the gates
  • By the Main Entrance Kennel Area
  • Backstage behind the gates near Kilimanjaro Safaris
  • Backstage behind the gates between Pizzafari and Creature Comforts
  • Backstage behind the gates to the right of Conservation Station
  • Backstage behind the gates near Maharajah Jungle Trek

Soarin fragrance effects: We have found that the intensity of the smell effects can vary.  This has to do with the amount and freshness of the scent beads in the individual row of each glider. The scent beads are replaced as needed, so the intensity can change depending upon when and where you ride.  

7/23/08 Typo correction: In the World Showcase Japan area you can catch a candy-making display, not candle-making.
7/24/08 Stitch’s Great Escape: The harness comes down over your shoulders and can create a feeling of being trapped.  Disney staff says you can’t remove the harness once it’s locked into place.  We have heard that if you push it off with force it will give way, but we don’t want you to do this because it will most likely break the harness. We’re only mentioning this because knowing that you can get out of it may help those with claustrophobia feel more comfortable when they realize they are not actually trapped.
7/25/08 Tom Sawyer's Island: ECVs and wheelchairs are not allowed to ride the raft to the island. 
7/25/08 Room fragrance: The Polynesian Resort now uses fragrance in their rooms. You can request your room not be sprayed but there will still be a lingering fragrance from daily spraying.

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